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Jesus Tomb Details

This photo is of a plaque just outside Jesus tomb. The plaque details the tomb of Jesus from a top down view. The somewhat blurry words on the right of the photo are repeated and explained below:

#1 = "Entrance to outer room, hewn in rock." This is the entrance to the tomb visible in the previous photo.

#2 = "Low threshold to graves."  This is just a step down to the right half of the tomb, which is slightly lower than the left half.

#3 = "Short low rock walls."

#4 = "Finished loculus (burial place)." This is where Jesus' body lay for 3 days.

#5 = "Pillow cut in rock." Instead of dropping off at a right angle, the rocky mass had been smoothed and sloped into a pillow for the head.

#6 = "Weeping chamber." This is a flat area intended for the mourners to sit and mourn while looking at the body on the other side of the short rock walls (#3).

#7 =  "Rough ledge."

#8 = "Unfinished loculus." How do we know it was unfinished? The rocky mass on the right side had not yet been sloped and smoothed into a pillow (#5 above), indicating that the tomb was almost but not quite finished and therefore still new when it was used. This is a small but important detail since John 19:41 states that Jesus was laid in "a new tomb in which no one had yet been laid."

#9 = "Small window" (visible in the previous photo) that would have been covered when the stone door is rolled into place.

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