Evangelizing Israel

Evangelizing Israel

Palestinian Christians School of Tyrannus

Evangelizing IsraelEvangelizing Israel

If evangelizing Israel strikes a chord with you and you'll be in Israel, here are five encouragements:

1. Don't be intimidated by the religious people in Israel with their fancy garbs and titles. If you get into a discussion with them, you will soon realize that while they know their religion, they actually don't know much about the Bible. You have the Truth and the Holy Spirit, so fear not.

2. Expect friendly fire. Local "Christians" will tell you to be "mature" about your faith and to respect those of others. They may even warn you that evangelizing in Israel is illegal, especially evangelizing at or near other religions' "holy" shrines. Evangelizing to kids (like these two in East Jerusalem who greeted a foreigner with bright smiles; they were brother and sister apparently - notice the girl's cautious hand on her younger brother) may be illegal but is rarely enforced, and the worst that will happen to a foreigner is a free ride to the Ben Gurion Airport.

As for not talking about Jesus at other religions' shrines, two Arab Israeli soldiers I met outside Al Aqsa Mosque gave me their addresses in Israel and asked me to send them Bibles and books, and one of the best discussions that I had about Jesus was with a Jew in the midst of thousands of Jews who packed the Wailing Wall plaza during the Jewish Shavuot festival. Tell the naysayers that you must "obey God rather than men." (Acts 5:29)

3. Don't forget the living stones among the ancient rocks. Take a moment to visit and encourage both Jewish and Palestinian Christians. Such visits may end up being the highlight of your trip.

4. If you intend to take some Bibles and books, try to find copies in Hebrew and Arabic, as most Arabs and many Jews don't speak English well enough to read it comfortably. Better yet, contact and pre-order from the organizations listed on the Palestinian Christians page. It will be easier, save you from having to lug the extra weight around during your trip, and provide some much-needed support for those organizations.

5. If you see any seed landing on good soil, give all credit and glory to Christ, to whom they belong.

Palestinian Christians School of Tyrannus
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